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Welcoming the future with no worries

Tanja Future me

In school, they told us about history but nobody told us how to handle the future. My mission with TanjaFutureME is to introduce professionals and organisations to the concepts of a Futures Mindset so they can learn how to dance with the uncertainty of the future.

Futures Mindset

The future is a very uncertain, complex place. So why would we send your team and company on this journey without any training or certain future skills? Dealing with this uncertainty requires an adapted mindset – a ‚Futures Mindset‘.

The Futures Mindset is a thought experiment that trains our brain to deal with alternative futures and thus remain capable of acting in the present.

Future me

I do believe in capacity building and strong partnerships. Instead of telling you how the future will unfold, I enable you and your organisation to learn the right tools and skills to explore alternative futures and shape your desirable future with future-oriented decision-making every day. With FutureME, I offer you a holistic concept that empowers you to tackle the complexity of the future while learning how to dance with uncertainty. The combination of workshops, inspiration and knowledge sharing as well as empowering guidance to strengthen your Futures Literacy.

Futures Keynotes

Rethinking the future! The future is not only a topic for management and strategy, every employee in the company should understand their influence and role in the future. A new way of thinking about the future (Futures Thinking) motivates everyone within the organization to actively shape the future instead of just preparing for it. Rethink and act instead of freeze and respond! In my talks I will enlighten your joy for the future!

Futures Work­shops

Activate your Futures Mindset! In my 1-2 days workshops you will learn to discover the challenges and opportunities of the future, and be able to describe your own path into the future, so that you already know today which decisions will lead to your preferred future. At the same time, we will learn how to build resilience to remain capable of acting at all times. in the face of unexpected events and risks. In my workshops we will travel together into the future to simplify decision-making in the present.

Futures Guidance

Find and implement your own vision for the future! A common mission and vision not only increases the motivation of employees, but also makes the company relevant for the future. Instead of relying on the core business, it is important to align one’s own core competencies with the challenges of the future. If you can solve long-term social, technological, economic, ecological or political problems through your own skills, then your company is future-oriented and resilient. I support you in redesigning this pathway.



Will my business still be relevant in the future and who will be our customers in the future? I worked out these questions with my clients in the Future Journey workshop, in which we challenged the current business model in four different future worlds.


Nikos Kastrinos
Nikos KastrinosPolicy Officer, European Commission
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Tanja is a knowledgeable futurist, a skilled foresighter and an excellent problem solver. She worked with us in two projects where she did a brilliant job designing and managing creative engagement platforms and foresight processes and delivering high quality products. She is easy to work with, positive, reliable, a great project manager and a valuable contributor to every aspect of the work. I highly recommend her.
Katelyn Anderson
Katelyn AndersonProduct Manager at TIER Mobility
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Tanja is a critical thinker unafraid to speak her mind. You will always learn something new from Tanja. She is driven and structured, while demonstrating creativity as well. Interpersonally, it's always a joy to touch base with her.
Christoph Peitz
Christoph PeitzProduct Development, Sales, Strategy, General Management
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Tanja is very open-minded and has a strong ability to solve problems. Impressive way of positive thinking but being realistic. Was a pleasure to work together with her!

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SHORT BIO Tanja Schindler​

Tanja Schindler is a passionate, international and award-winning Futurist for more than nine years and has international experience in foresight, innovation, leadership and strategy. She holds a double MBA/Master of Strategic Foresight with distinction from the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Through her international application of foresight, she sees the world from various perspectives and enables others to deal with the future and its uncertainty. Her focus is to emphasise the advantages of a Futures Mindset.

She is the founder of Futures2All GmbH and the guardian of the global community Futures Space, where she explores multiple futures with members from all over the world creating a pathway into positive futures. Further, she leads foresight projects for the EU Commission, particularly with a focus on participatory futures design. Since January 2021, she is also Vice-Chair of the board of directors of the Association of Professional Futurists.


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