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How to unlock your Futures Mindset?!

Last time, I’ve introduced CLA, the Foresight method by Sohail Inayatullah to analyze those worldviews. Today, we will focus on another framework that supports diverse thinking and steps aside from the general Foresight approach to discover our environment in a new way by using Foresight also to discover ourselves.

How to see the world through different eyes?

In my last blog article, I’ve talked about biases and how they influence our thinking and imagination about the future. Today, we want to dig a bit deeper and analyze worldviews and metaphors, where most of our biases and mental models are rooted.
Today this sentence sounds ridiculous, especially as smartphones are already replacing computers. We are carrying more intelligence capacity in our pockets than during the time humans flew to the moon for the very first time. But where are those assumptions based on and why are we sometimes so wrong?

How to become aware of your biases?

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