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Let’s imagine some positive futures, so we can start now creating them!

What is FutureMe?

Individual goal setting

Impulse workshop

Ongoing guidance

FutureMe is a holistic approach to implementing a Futures Mindset within your organisation. Based on your individual goals, we work together to develop a process that supports you in transforming your organisation into a desired future. With an impulse workshop, we create the conditions to imagine alternative futures and evaluate their impacts on your current business model before envisioning a future you want to create. With ongoing guidance I support you throughout the entire journey, from defining the path to your preferred future to building resilience to uncertain events and their alternative futures. Let’s shape a better future together in the now!

The FutureME-Program offers an individual approach to transforming your company into a future-oriented and enduring organisation.


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Content in short

Individual goal setting

  • Identifying your core competencies
  • Determining future challenges
  • Framing the individual process

Impulse workshop

  • Introduction to a Futures Mindset
  • Exploring alternative Futures
  • Imagining a preferred future

Ongoing guidance

  • Defining the futures-scope for your organisation
  • Finding the long-term purpose and future-orientation
  • Support in transforming your organisation

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My Portfolio

Future Talks & Articles

Book me for an inspiring talk, interview, panel discussion, or to write an article. My work focuses on the following topics:

  • Learn how to Dance with Uncertainty: The future remains uncertain, and we cannot entirely prepare for how it unfolds. Hence we need to learn how to dance with the uncertainty of the future to build resilience in the present and make active decisions to shape the future we want.
  • Why everyone needs to think like a Futurist – Introduction to a Futures Mindset: Learn about the three principles of Futures Thinking and how a new point of view on the future enables you to make better decisions in the present.
  • Transforming fear of the unknown into joy for the future: Transform your perspective of the future from trying to prepare yourself for its risks and challenges to seek for the chances and opportunities it unfolds once you’ve started to explore its alternative shapes.

Futures Workshops

During a 1-2 day(s) workshops, we will shift your perspective of the future and send you on an exploration on how to shape the future while preparing for unpredictable events and alternative futures.


  • Future Journey: We send you and your team on a journey of four different future scenarios and explore possible implications in current business models and product portfolios, before defining your preferred future and how to start this pathway in the present.
  • Visioning & Missioning: Together we use multiple Futures Methods to update your company’s vision and set the mission how to get there in the present. By including multiple departments, we set your entire organisation on a resilient pathway into the future.
  • Leadership Training: earn how to use Futures Tools to motivate your team to encounter the future with positivity and a proactive role in defining your organisation’s future.

Futures Guidance

Work with me long-term to define your pathway into a transformational future.​Work with me long-term to define your pathway into a transformational future.​

  • Company orientation and transformation
  • Employee motivation
  • Strategic Foresight/Scenario Process Guidance
  • Implementation of a Futures Mindset within your organization

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